Transforming Lives through the Arts

Feb 19, 2021 | Culture | 0 comments

February 2021 

Using artistic expression to share life experiences and challenge old ideas is part of every artist and art enthusiast’s fabric. For example, there is The Color Purple, a Pulitzer Prize-winning book Alice Walker. The award-winning Joel Hall Dancers in Chicago provides an opportunity for inner-city youth to learn dance and expression as another example. These are just two examples. There are so many more.  

Joel Hall offered these thoughts to GoGuide Magazine, “When we speak of dance in America, one thinks’ of our exposure to mainstream Eurocentric values and how we judge what American culture represents to each of us. America still is a melting pot of cultures.”

In a recent phone interview with Chuck Swanson, the executive director of Hancher Auditorium at the University of Iowa, he brought to my attention how the arts can help bring a nation together despite pandemics and social unrest. He said, “it’s important to use the arts to understand differences and celebrate our differences.”

Swanson concluded with, “Diversion, equity, and inclusion have always been important work for Hancher and always will be. The arts are a way to help people heal. It’s about transforming lives. “GG 

Article compiled by Tim Nedoba
Photo: GoGuide file photo by Tim Nedoba

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