New Year; New Outlook

Jan 28, 2021 | Election Guide | 0 comments

January 2020
By GoGuide Staff

January 2021 – 2020 wasn’t one of our most favorite years. The list of things that went wrong is too long to mention in this short column. Some excellent things happened out of the bad of the past year. The rise of #BlackLivesMatter comes to mind. The hard work of healthcare workers and our scientific community in developing several different vaccines certainly comes to mind. It would be a mistake if we didn’t mention our teachers, those workers that took the risk to make sure we were able to food on the table, and of course, the record number of people that went to the polls and voted are just a few of the many heroes of 2020.

GoGuide Magazine reached out to several in the community to seek feedback on their hopes and thoughts on the coming year. Here are their responses. Your feedback is valued as well. Please visit and let us know your thoughts on 2021.




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