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April 2020
By Tim Nedoba

I see your mission is to speak and speak LOUD could you expand on this point?
Q.1 Rebellion is not just here to entertain. We want you to take something else away from our shows. We speak out about the injustices we see in our community and world. Whether it be gender orientation, racial discrimination, wage gaps, LGBTQ oppression. etc. We incorporate issues we see our society such as domestic abuse, sex worker’s rights and safety, climate change, mental health awareness, We do many fundraisers for causes we feel passionate about and teach our audience about them whether it’s though hosting, the performances themselves, or social media. We also stand for the idea of body positivity reinforcing that everybody (every body) is a burlesque body and with that that every body is beautiful and sexy no matter weight, gender, race, age or disability. You can see this reflected through the members of our troupe.

In our society. It’s hard to see what I’m writing in the chat box.

What would someone expect to see at a show?
Q2: Burlesque is so many different things but we feel its best described as “theatrical stripping.” Each individual performance (otherwise known as an act) is completely different from the next, apart from the stripping and that is an art unto itself. You will find acts with humor and ones with sorrow. Cute and lighthearted to dark and deep. Each of our performers bring their unique style and interpretations to the stage. There are a plethora of different genres of burlesque. Classical burlesque, being what most people think of when they think of burlesque, with classic bawdy or big jazz band music, that incorporates boas and feathered fans. You can catch these types of performances at one of IC’s Bawdy Bawdy Ha Ha productions! Then there’s the new age Neo burlesque which is an evolution of burlesque’s classical roots. Neo burlesque houses many different subgenres. Such as Nerdlesque! These can be acts pulling inspiration from the cosplay world which plays off of anime, comic books, video games, cult movies and much more. (Insert nerdlesque troupe in the QC?) Gorelesque is for those horror movie and scary story fanatics! You can find lots of fake blood, body parts and references to some of your favorite classics at these shows. Men also do burlesque! Boylesque is done by men, male presenting performers and drag kings. The nearest Boylesque troupe can be found in the QC, just look up Manscape Burlesque or attend our Boys N’ Berries Show August (insert date here) Rebellion definitely falls into the Neo side of the Burlesque world while still paying tribute to where all the movement, tease and commrodary began.

What are you doing to stay busy during this time of social distancing?
Q.3 Members of Rebellion are taking the time to work on costumes, upcoming performance numbers, planning out upcoming shows, fine tuning old acts and watching videos of other amazing artist in the industry to get inspiration. We have members busy making protective masks for nursing homes and other places in need and others making donations to help.

Upcoming performances:
(pending the pandemic status)

Sat May 2nd – Thank God for Mental Illness pt 2
Fri June 19th – Color theme for PRIDE
Sat June 20th – PRIDE main stage (variety show)
Sat July 4th – Dungeons and Dragons
Sat August 22nd – Boys N Berries (manscape/drag show) fruit/food themed
Sat September 19th – Fucked Up Fairytales
Sat Oct 3rd- Delia Belladonna’s Breast Friend’s Gorelesque show
November – No show! Rebelliousgiving
Thurs December 31st – Clue (NYE)

These shows will all be at the Iowa City Yacht Club. We were setting up shows at other venues when all this went down . These are just the ones we have scheduled as of now.

Would you be interested in performing at Coralville PrideFest?
Q4: The group is very interested in performing at Coralville Pride. I have a couple of questions. What amount of time do you think we would be performing and what does the stage look like? Is it in a venue or outdoors?

This is Carmen reaching out to give the last few thoughts about Rebellion. Rebellion Burlesque is made up of a collective of performers who all put in their part to keep Rebellion going. Whether that be gathering sponsorhsips, creating merchandise for our booth, to choreographing group numbers, or coming up with themes for our shows. The thing we cherish most about Rebellion is the open and honest communication we have amongst us. Each member is dedicated to not only elevating themselves, but elevating each other as well. We hope as a team that we can bring more education, passion and care to the community that has already given so much to us. GG




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