Meet Roxie Mess

Interview by Tim Nedoba

November 1, 2019

How did you come up with the name Roxie Mess? Coming up with the Roxie Mess name was by pure stupidity. I am infatuated with Roxie Hart from Chicago. Just a fame-hungry dumb blonde. As for Mess, I did one of those rinky-dink college drag shows, and I needed a name. I ran into my dorm room one night and tripped over a desk, fell face first, and busted my shit on my roommate’s bed. My roommate woke up and said, “Jason, you’re a drunk mess. Go to bed.” I then jumped up and said THAT’S IT! MESS!

How long have you been performing as Roxie Mess? I’ve been cross-dressing as Roxie for six years.

What is something about you that may surprise your most loyal fans?  I cheated on a midterm in college and didn’t regret it.

Where and when can we find you performing? I’m at Studio 13 all the time. I also travel across the state.

What is your favorite performance song? Hollaback Girl by Girl Authority

You can follow Roxie Mess on Instagram (@roxiemess and @roxiemessshittycreations)

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