Op-Ed: Troy Price Chair Iowa Democratic Party

Nov 5, 2019 | Election Guide | 0 comments

Iowa’s Trans Community Needs our Support

Op-Ed by Troy Price

The Iowa Democratic Party is a place where all are welcome. That’s why when I learned of recent comments from one of our State Central Committee members regarding the trans community, I was deeply upset. The trans community has always faced — and continues to face — harassment and bullying in our country.

I have spoken with this SCC member and talked with her about how her comments are in opposition to the values and goals of our party. Her most recent statement and her comments to me have expressed her deep regret and sorrow for her post and the pain it has caused. I take her at her word.

We, as members of this Party, must recognize the importance of intersectionality and always strive to build a community where everyone is able to live without fear of discrimination from anyone.

Many of you know that I have worked for greater LGBTQ rights throughout my career, and I have found that moments like these help us to change hearts and minds. It allows us to shed light on the fears and harassment that many communities face. It allows us to have a conversation about how we as a society can — and must — be better to guarantee full, lived equality for every single person.

I look forward to continuing to link arms with all of you as we recommit ourselves to the fight for justice and equality for all — especially for the trans community. If you aren’t in this fight already, I invite you to join us – send me an email at Let’s get to work and make sure everyone has a home with us here at Iowa Democratic Party.

Troy Price; Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party

Editors note: This first appeared in a Facebook post by Troy Price. It’s reprint has the permission of Price.




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