Newbo City Market Women’s Music Festival

Sep 2, 2019 | Culture | 0 comments

Newbo Festival

Julia Freeman

Just like there is no one type or style of music that satisfies all people, there is no make or model of a woman that makes someone a musician or entrepreneur. This was an underlying theme of the very diverse and eclectic performances and vendors at the 2019 Newbo Women’s Music Festival as August came to a close. The free festival stretched over two days with two high energy acts kicking off the festivities on Friday night and the remainder of the performers taking the stage on Saturday.

NAOMI was the first act on the main outdoor Bankers Trust stage at the Newbo City Market. Next, Alisabeth Von Presley more than earned an iced coffee from inside the market with her all original set of songs outdoors with a band that lacked her traditional female lead bassist. There was a mixture of original songs and cover songs performed throughout Saturday. Both the lead singers from Friday attended several performances on Saturday as well to support their fellow artists, festival, and excellent music. The rain and football schedules did not damper the attendance or quality of talent with artists performing on one of two stages, an indoor or outdoor main stage.

There were more duos and acoustic performances from Brittie, Oceana, Amy Friedl Stoner, Josia Eden, Harper and Lee, and FRIEND designed for indoor Rotary Hall. Meanwhile on the larger stage, The Dandelion Stompers, Boot Jack Band, One for the Ditch, Alicia Monee, Avey/Grouws Band, The Feralings, and youth from Eastern Iowa Arts Academy’s Scarlett Letter performed with more multiperson stage full bands.

One for the Ditch kicked off the Saturday main stage right with a great cover of Shania Twain’s Man I Feel Like A Woman as well as other female empowerment songs. Monee, who performed last year as well, again represented soul music well with her renditions of Beyonce’s Halo. Folk music was represented by The Feralings instrumental renditions of their original songs. With an ever demanding stage and audience presence, Dandelion Stompers with their renditions of popular Roaring 20’s jazz music made some very powerful statements musically and otherwise. Blues music blasted from the Avey/Grouws Band and entertained everyone in attendance.

Amy Friedl Stoner showcased a wide range of vocal talent with her cabaret performance inside the market on the Rotary Hall stage. FRIEND provided easy listening tunes and melodies. The major dilemma of the festival was whether to catch The Boot Jack Band outdoors or Oceana indoors. Both performed in the previous festival, which only had one indoor stage due to weather.

This year, each performed at 5 pm on their respective stages. They are very different types of music, yet each magical and inspiring in their own right. The Trisha Yearwood cover by the Boot Jack Band was excellent, yet the original music of Oceana is true artistry at it’s finest. Also, the positive vibes and energy from both electrified the crowd surrounding each stage. Overall, the festival was well attended and sponsored.




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